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Preparing a Will

A Will is a legal declaration which transfers ownership of property to beneficiaries upon death. When drafting a Will, you should start by preparing an inventory of all of your items including personal property, real estate, retirement accounts, vehicles, and business interests. You then need to determine who will receive your assets and in what proportions. You will then need to name an “Executor” of your estate to oversee the wrapping up of the estate.

Choosing an Executor

The executor of an estate has the responsibility of wrapping up the deceased person’s estate. These duties include managing property, paying bills, appearing at probate court hearings, preparing a final accounting, and distributing net assets to the beneficiaries. It is important to carefully select the person who will act as the executor of your estate. The person you name as executor should have a good knowledge of where assets are kept and needs to be comfortable with the responsibilities of wrapping up your affairs.

Drafting Will

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