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Powers of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney

When you choose to vest the power of attorney for medical decisions with a close friend or relative, you give authorization to that person to make health care decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated from an illness or an injury. Although the attorney in fact has authorization to make medical decisions, you may wish to explicitly express a desire to limit certain life sustaining procedures, such as life support. You may believe that such procedures are too costly and will only prolong the inevitable.

When your wishes are expressed in a Living Will, you prevent family members and close friends from having to make difficult choices such as whether or not to end life support. Although the person you select as your health care agent will have the power to make medical decisions on your behalf, they would be legally obligated to follow any instructions or preferences as expressed in a Healthcare Directive document. This document is an opportunity to express your wishes for the type of treatment that you wish to have.

Financial Power of Attorney

This power refers to making decisions about your estate should you become incapacitated. The person that you grant this power to will need to have the ability to pay bills, sell stocks, manage bank accounts, and make general decisions about your financial estate the way you would have done.

Who should you grant these powers to?

Selecting a person to grant these powers to should be done with great care. These persons must be reliable because they will be able to make key decisions about your estate. The person you choose should be both trustworthy and be comfortable with management and financial duties. Close relatives and friends are not always the best choice because they may not be comfortable with either management or financial duties.

Draft a Power of Attorney

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