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Guardianships – Minor Children

When the parents of minor aged children die without a Will, the courts will typically select a legal guardian to take care of them. The courts may try to select a close friend or family member but this may not be a good fit and it might not have been the person you would have chosen. Naming a guardian in your Will enables you to choose who will raise your children if you and your spouse should die prematurely.


Children can be placed into a foster care home until a new guardian is provided. Selecting a legal guardian in your Will also ensures a smoother transition because they will not have to suffer the stress and uncertainty over who will take care of them just after the traumatic loss of their parents.

Selecting the Right Guardian

When selecting a guardian, you should consider whether they have their own children, whether they have time to devote to your children, and whether your children’s interests are their main concern. As a local estate planning attorney and a parent, I can help you to protect your children’s interests.

Establish a Guardianship

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