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Trust Administration

When a trust is created, a trustee is selected by the trust creator. This person or entity will have the responsibility to oversee the operations of the trust such as to safely invest trust assets and to carry out instructed payments to your beneficiaries.

It is common for close friends or family members to be selected as the trustee because they are often thought of as the most trustworthy. However, once their appointment becomes effective and the reality of the role sets in, many volunteer trustees find it too difficult or too stressful to act in this role. Because trustees act in a fiduciary capacity and must use prudent care in the handling assets, they must act in the best interests of all beneficiaries at all times otherwise they could be exposed to lawsuits by the beneficiaries. Failure to act can even cause them to breach their fiduciary duty. Quite often, trustees are also interest beneficiaries.   This dual role can create the perception of biased motives by the other beneficiaries.

Trust Administration Assistance

We provide support and guidance to trustees by providing help interpreting the trust documents and the step involved. My firm can also act as the trustee should that be necessary.

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