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Flat Fee Representation

How are the Flat Fees Determined?

A flat fee is a single stated fee for a defined scope of legal services. Historically, attorneys have charged on an hourly basis for their services. This makes sense when litigating a case since it is too difficult to predict exactly how a lawsuit will progress. Estate planning is different because the time required to create and to review estate planning instruments is much more predictable. After an initial interview, I will have a good idea for how much time it will take to complete your plan. Sometimes, cases are more difficult or complex and they require a higher than average flat fee.

I determine each fee on a case-by-case basis after carefully evaluating your unique needs and goals. I will then provide an engagement letter and a fee agreement. My fees are quoted for the entire project no matter how many changes are made. There are no hidden fees.

Benefits of Flat Fee Representation

There are many benefits to clients for a flat fee service including the following:

  • Clients know the cost of the estate plan project upfront.
  • Clients are not surprised by large invoices at the end.
  • Clients need not worry about how much time is being spent on their case.
  • Clients need not worry about the “padding” of billable hours.
  • Clients are free to communicate freely without fear of hourly charges.

Free Estate Planning Fee Quote

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