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Flat Fee Representation

I determine each fee on a case-by-case basis after carefully evaluating your unique needs and goals.

Understanding Probate

A skilled probate lawyer may be the assistance you need to have a probate case resolved as swiftly as possible.

Why Hire an Attorney

Establishing a Revocable Living Trust may allow you to protect a greater share of your property for your loved ones.



Estate Planning Benefits

Estate planning can give you and your family the assurance and security of knowing that you are prepared for the unexpected. Many people think of estate planning only as a way to prepare for their passing. However, with proper planning it provides instructions to manage your estate should you become incapacitated. Another misconception is that Estate Plans are only for the “wealthy”. Estate planning is not just for the elite few. Proper planning provides benefits to families of any income level.

My Firm

logo_bbbAt the Law Offices of E. Vincent Wood, I will listen to your needs and concerns first and before I begin to develop your customized plan. I will explain the implications of making particular choices so that you can make fully informed decisions. There is no “One Size Fits All” template that works for everyone. Customizing your estate planning documents will ensure both avoidance of the probate courts and that your wishes are carried out.

My goal is to ensure that your spouse, children and all other chosen beneficiaries receive the assets that you intend for them. This becomes even more important when planning in the case of blended families or subsequent marriages.

Estate Planning Information

Whether it’s asset protection or distribution planning, our Walnut Creek estate planning practice will provide strong legal representation to guide you through the drafting and implementation process. We offer legal guidance in the following areas:

  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Health Care Directives
  • Trust Administration
  • Probate proceedings
  • Conservatorships/Guardianships
  • Asset Protection Strategies

Custom and Creative Legal Advice

Estate planning in California can be very complex because each plan is unique. I approach each plan differently since the needs of traditional, non-traditional, and of blended families all offer different challenges. Competent legal advice is critical to navigating through each unique plan.

Create an Estate Plan

Contact my office to learn more about creating an estate plan.

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